With the aim of bringing the company to become a strategic partner of units in and outside the oil and gas industry, the company’s board of Directors defines the mission of the focus plan in the next time as follows:

– Development of the company is a kernel in the production chain and the power business of PetroVietnam Power Corporation – JSC as the supplier of equipment, consumable materials, anti-corrosion materials, scaffolding service for repairing of power plants;

– Seek opportunities for cooperation, investment, capital contribution to hydropower projects, wind power and renewable energy to create sustainable development in the future;

– Research to expand the production and business activities of the company to the fields of import, production of wood products, wholesale food and cereal grains;

– Promote sales for Siemens by the company being represented by the airline; At the same time actively seeking partners to be agents and representatives in Vietnam when eligible;

– Become a Distributor, distributor of Mitsubishi automobiles.

– Focus on exploiting the available facilities.

To create sustainable development and enhance competitiveness to meet the requirements of work in and out of the industry, accelerating the change in the quality of growth in the coming time, the company will deploy solutions implemented as:

– Effectively implement the bidding package to build credibility and make money for the next project. Preparing resources, adherling to Trung Tu plans, overhauled power plants to plan, participate in supplying equipment;

– Synchronize the solutions of efficient exploitation of available facilities, improve the efficiency of corporate governance, save on management costs, preserve the development of capital and ensure the interests of shareholders.

– Reviewing the organizational organization, the Labour in a streamlined direction, meeting the requirements of the work; Build a team of staff with good professional competence; Dynamic and professional, there is a suitable compensation regime, especially for the Department of Direct deployment of the project, ensuring that the requirements of participation in large projects require deep level of expertise.

Continuing the tradition of pre-generation, promoting existing strengths, the entire board of directors and staff of the company always Unite, agree, confident to build the tradition of increasingly strong units, develop the current brand and build the future value, affirm the position in and outside the oil and gas industry.