JSC Machine – Petroleum Equipment precursor is the factory import and Export Corporation which was established by the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism on 03/3/1956. On 02/3/1992, machine and spare Parts Corporation was born on the basis of merging import and export Machinery Corporation and spare Parts Corporation. In 1995, the Prime Minister decided the number 225/TTg held the corporation according to the Model 90 Corporation under the Ministry of Trade (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade).

Since 2007, the company has been a member of Vietnam National Oil and gas group, and has been conducting the shares. This is an important milestone that has a big impact on the development and growth of the company. From here, the company has many opportunities to develop business goods, conditional participation in large projects, access to technical technology and management technology of domestic and foreign partners.

On 01/3/2010, the company completed the process of shares, converted to the company model and renamed as “JSC Machine – Oil and gas equipment”, branded as PVMACHINO. Undergoing the arrangement and restructuring of the group, the company was a member unit of PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation, Vietnam Petroleum Energy Technology Corporation, and May 11/2014, the company returned to be a member of the Petroleum Power Corporation of Vietnam.

To remember the son’s milestone of formation and development, dated 11/01/2012, party committee has issued the resolution No. 01 NQ/SWING-MTB Unified date The company’s tradition is on 03/3, the day of establishment of the company is on 01/3 annually.

With over 64 years of formation and development, experiencing the many ups and downs of the economy, under the determination and solidarity of the Board of Directors and EMPLOYEES, the company has overcome difficulties and fulfill the annual plan targets. The projects and works of the company are recognized by the investor and appreciated, the life staffs are assured.