Is the quality of Vietnamese rice really going up?

Market Information
icon date25/07/2023

Vietnam is making a mark on the world market thanks to its strategy of maintaining the quality of exported rice, increasing the production of high-quality rice and reducing the production of low-quality rice.

Vietnam is at the forefront of rice quality
In recent years, Vietnam’s high-class rice lines such as fragrant rice, famous specialty rice ST24, ST25, Jasmine … have been exported to many major markets such as the EU, helping to increase export turnover.
It is forecasted that in 2022, Vietnam’s rice exports to the EU market will reach at least 60,000 tons, especially in traditional markets such as Germany, Italy, and Poland.

Domestic market rice prices increase thanks to quality
Export price of rice increased thanks to stable product quality. Specifically, the price of rice in the Mekong Delta provinces, known as the country’s rice bowl in March 2022, increased sharply by 15,000 kg / fragrant rice.
In An Giang, IR50404 rice was at 5,600 VND/kg, up 400 VND/kg compared to the average in March of the same period last year; high quality rice OM 5451 at 5,700 VND/kg, an increase of nearly 400 VND/kg; rice is usually at 11,000 VND/kg. Jasmine specialty fragrant rice at 15,000 VND per kg.
In Kien Giang, rice prices also increased by 400-500 VND/kg compared to March, while in Vinh Long, rice prices were stable.

Vietnam’s rice exports are stable
Vietnam is a leading country in rice quality because of the consistent goal of reducing output, increasing value, and exporting rice. Specifically, through the results of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development approved: “Project on restructuring Vietnam’s rice industry to 2025 and 2030”.
Accordingly, Vietnam will carry out the restructuring in the direction of promoting the value and sustainable development of rice quality. Since then, many industries have been formed and improved to meet all the needs of consumers.

Besides, in order to increase the output and export rate of rice, experts also improve the variety and quality of rice according to the tastes, that is, it is necessary to increase the value of rice exports in a sustainable way along with building a brand.

Rice quality is guaranteed due to strict import and export censorship process
The rice quality testing process is complied with the law as follows:
Step 1: Testing rice products
Enterprises and production facilities prepare rice samples for testing, and then set targets for testing based on product standards.
Rice testing at a center recognized/designated by the Ministry of Health;
The testing time will take place from 05 to 07 working days;
After performing the testing, enterprises and production facilities go to the center to get results and then announce product quality.
Step 2: Prepare documents to announce the quality of rice products
Business license of the enterprise or production establishment;
Test results sheet after testing within 12 months;
Certificate of recognition of rice of that enterprise as meeting food hygiene and safety conditions (02 notarized copies).
Sample products (03 samples);

Step 3: Order of rice quality announcement
Enterprises and production facilities are entitled to announce the quality of rice themselves on their mass media and electronic technology information. Then, one copy will be submitted by post to the state management agency (provincial People’s Committee), keeping one copy.

After self-declaring product quality, enterprises and production facilities are entitled to manufacture and trade products and take full responsibility for the safety of such products.
Through the above procedures and rice quality testing process, we see the thoroughness and care in the testing process before exporting any product to the international market.

The leading rice exporter in Vietnam – PVMachino
PVMachino is one of the big rice import and export companies in our country. Especially, Petroleum Machinery – Equipment Joint Stock Company is one of the leading food processing, trading and exporting companies in the Mekong Delta region.
PVMachino is a quality rice producer with a diversified raw material purchasing system and modern machinery system with a processing capacity of up to 2000 tons/day.
Currently, PVMachino Petroleum Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company has been providing customers with a large quantity of high quality export rice to export to major markets around the world.

Typical products provided at Petroleum Machinery – Equipment Joint Stock Company include:

Lady Flower Rice
Ham Chau Rice
Taiwanese fragrant rice
Jasmine rice in
Japanese fragrant rice
Thai sticky rice
Rice 2517
Rice 4900
Rice 504
Broken rice JR
Rice 4218
Rice 5451
Rice KDM
Rice VD20…

Through the above article, we can see that the quality of Vietnamese rice is increasing in the international market.