Conference to review the work in 2020, Deploy the plan for 2021; Employee Conference 2021

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icon date22/07/2023

On December 7, 2020, at the 6th floor of Handico Building, Pham Hung Street, Tu Liem, Hanoi, PetroVietnam Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company (PVMACHINO) held a Conference to summarize Party work, production and business activities. in 2020; implementation of the 2021 plan; Employee Conference 2021.

Attending the conference were Mr. Nguyen Minh Dao – Deputy General Director of PetroVietnam Power Corporation – JSC (PV Power), representatives of the Corporation’s Technical Committee.

On the side of the Company, there were Mr. Pham Van Hiep – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Mr. Le Ngoc Son – Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director of the Company; comrades in the Executive Committee of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors, representatives of member units and all employees of the Company.

At the beginning of the Conference, Mr. Le Ngoc Dung – Member of the Executive Committee of the Party Committee reported on a summary of the Party’s work, direction and tasks in 2021. 2020 is the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 3rd Party Congress of the Company. term 2020-2025 and also a particularly difficult year in the face of complicated developments of the acute respiratory infection Covid – 19. However, right from the beginning of the year, the Company’s Party Committee closely followed the direction of the Party Committee. superiors, issued Resolutions, Official Letters and developed action plans to set out directions, tasks, implementation measures, solutions to implement the plan, and comprehensively direct the Company’s activities.

Mr. Phan Trung Nghia – Deputy Director of the Company, on behalf of the Board of Management, reported the summary of the business activities in 2020 and the operation plan for 2021. With the enthusiastic support of the Corporation’s leaders, the specialized committees subjects, the Company’s Party Committee, the Board of Directors and all employees of the Company were united and determined to implement the assigned plan. Some key targets in 2020 include: Total consolidated revenue of 654.83 billion VND; Profit before tax is 50.22 billion dong, reaching 120% of the year plan; debt recovery rate reached 90% of the year plan… Preserving and developing equity, not letting overdue debt arise, stock value increased, employee income was enhanced; actively researched opportunities, feasible investment projects, implemented business plans, cooperated with Toshiba, Siemens; Bidding to supply materials and equipment for power plants in the Company has had good growth in both revenue and profit; Debt collection has achieved good results…

However, before the complicated developments of the socio-economic situation along with the appearance and outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the world and domestic economies were severely affected. The complicated developments of the epidemic have negatively affected many aspects of the country’s socio-economic life, and production and business activities have faced many difficulties. Bidding to supply materials and equipment for transport projects, health care and other fields outside the industry declined… On the other hand, the policy focused on technical trade and stopped implementing the plans. The profit rate of commercial business is low, leading to the Company’s estimate of total revenue for the whole year not reaching the set plan.

Faced with new difficulties and challenges, the Company needs to continue to implement synchronous solutions in business, finance and debt collection, human resource training, investment and exploitation. efficiency of existing facilities… to implement the business plan in 2021.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Dao – Deputy General Director of PetroVietnam Power Corporation recognized and highly appreciated the role of the Board of Directors and employees of the Company in the implementation of the annual plan. 2020, jobs and incomes of workers are guaranteed…. He also affirmed that PVMACHINO is a member unit of the Corporation that operates effectively, making stable contributions to the Corporation’s business results every year. He also noted that the unit needs to closely follow the projects in the industry, maximize the available potential of the Corporation; promote the spirit of solidarity, overcome difficulties in an increasingly fierce competitive environment.

Mr. Pham Van Hiep – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PVMACHINO, on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Party Committee, the leaders and all employees of the Company, thanked the attention of Mr. Nguyen Minh Dao and the Board of Directors of the Corporation. PV Power Company, absorb the direction of superiors to put into operation direction of the Company in 2021.

Mrs. Chu Thi Thanh Chung – Chairman of the Company’s trade union reported on the operation of the Trade Union and the results of monitoring the implementation of labor contracts, collective labor agreements, internal rules and regulations of the enterprise. related to employees in 2020; In 2020, the employer has paid attention to fully implement the lawful and legitimate rights and interests of the employees and the employees in the Company also fully fulfill their obligations; the contents of the Agreement are fully implemented. Promoting the results achieved in 2020, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union builds a work program, closely coordinates with the authorities to launch a movement of labor emulation, dynamism, creativity, initiative, and technical improvement. techniques to improve business efficiency and contribute to the overall development of the Company.

Then, Mr. Chu Van Khanh – Head of Organization and Administration Department, Standing member of the Company’s Emulation and Commendation Council reported on the summary of the emulation movement in 2020 and decided to reward the collectives and individuals of the year. 2020.

In order to successfully implement the 2021 plan, the company’s leaders and employees are willing to work together, determined to strive to complete the assigned tasks.