PVMachino – business summary at the end of 2022

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icon date22/07/2023

PVMachino Joint Stock Company made a report summarizing the business situation in 2022 and found many surprises, let’s find out.

PVMachino’s business summary at the end of 2022

It is known that in 2021, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has approved a resolution on transferring the listing to Hose.

However, up to now, the Company has not completed the transfer of the listing floor. PVMachino wishes to change the floor soon because this will help elevate the brand, bring a new position in the company’s value, especially the stock price will be more attractive to investors.

Previously, the company released its consolidated financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2021. Accordingly, in 2021, the Company achieved consolidated revenue of VND 840 billion, up 33.8% compared to 2020.

Furthermore, administrative expenses of VND31.4 billion decreased by 35% compared to 2020. Consolidated profit after tax reached VND 55 billion, up 8.9% compared to 2020 and reached the highest record since 2012. now.

The Company’s profit has grown continuously from 2014 to present. Profit after tax in 2013 was 3 billion dong, by 2021 it has reached 55 billion dong.

It is known that the company has a total charter capital of 386 billion VND. At the same time, taking advantage of charter capital, the company has promoted the improvement in the management apparatus, streamlining, and reducing costs for businesses. This job has helped the company’s revenue increase, develop into a unit that attracts many investors.

Currently, Mr. Vu Duc Tien, General Director of SHS Securities Company holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company. Notably, the move to elect the company’s vice president has received much attention and expectation from many investors.

The advantages PVMachino is developing

Oil and Gas Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company attracts many investors because of its huge capital contribution to the joint venture, including: FCC Vietnam Co., Ltd., Vietnam Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd., Hitachi Astemo Hanoi Co., Ltd.

Besides, PVMachino manages and uses many real estates such as: Land lot at 8 Trang Thi (Hanoi); Land lot at Dao Cam Moc street (Dong Anh, Hanoi); Land plot at No. 5, cluster 4, Khuong Dinh ward (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi).

In addition, PV Machino owns 10% of capital contribution in the project “High-class apartment complex, mixed services – Nam An Khanh urban area” belonging to lot HH3 of Nam An Khanh project, Hoai Duc district (Hanoi).

Lessons and directions for the future

Based on the company’s successes, PVMachino has given many lessons to maintain stability in the management apparatus, arrange the human resources system to bring consumers the most valuable experiences.

At the same time, the company also set out many new directions such as:

First, is a supplier of equipment and materials

With the goal and long-term development strategy, PVMachino has strived to become a strong and sustainable company. Key supplier of machines, materials, equipment and After-sales Service for oil and gas, electric power and industry.

       Current main services of PVMachino:

  • Materials and equipment for thermal power plants
  • Medical equipment
  • Anti-corrosion service
  • Scaffolding rental service
  • Factory premises
  • Export and import consignment

Second, develop multidisciplinary joint venture cooperation

Currently, PVMachino company has been and is directly a large and retail distributor of goods, full service construction equipment and materials for many stores across the country, especially Siemens.

Siemens is a global electronics-technology corporation, a famous brand from Germany representing great achievements in engineering, electrical product innovations, and machine oil equipment.

With a history of more than 170 years of establishment, and the advantage of operating in more than 200 countries and regions, Siemens has attracted many customers and investors in the international market.

Recently, the company has cooperated with PVMachino in the service of electrical sockets and switches. Chairman of the Board of Directors of PVMachino – Mr. Pham Van Hiep said that nearly 65 years of presence in the market. The cooperation between the company and Siemens will contribute to the great success of its business.

This also marks that PVMachino becomes a strong, sustainable company, a potential partner to attract many investors.

Electrical equipment and machinery products always ensure quality, bring outstanding features, luxury, high-end design and customer satisfaction.

Third, seek cooperation opportunities at home and abroad

The company’s partners are the world’s leading large enterprises in many different fields. The most prominent are the units from the company: Showa, Nippon Seiki, FCC, Asia Honda Motor, Itochu Corporation…

These are companies specializing in manufacturing auto parts, motorcycles, specialized vehicles and other machines, participating in the global supply chain with major customers: BMW, Honda, Harley Davidson…

The operation of the 3 joint ventures is very effective, bringing PV Machino a regular cash dividend income of about VND 70-100 billion every year.

PVMachino has drawn many lessons from experience and strategic direction to help the company increasingly retain its No. 1 position in the international market.