Company information
icon date25/07/2023
  • Location: Thuan Giao 25 street, Thuan Giao ward, Thuan An city, Binh Duong province
  • Project type: School
  • Products offered: Smart lock

With the dynamic development, Legacy Prime has created an extremely attractive name. This project gives residents not only an apartment, but also a fully furnished living space.

With Legacy Prime apartments, customers not only have a home, but also experience a vibrant and comfortable living community.

The self-contained, secure and private apartment model at Legacy Prime ensures 24/7 safety and security, while creating a connecting space for a thriving and prosperous community. The investor has selected the Smart Lock product line E327 to ensure the above criteria for customers.

Siemens’ E327 smart lock series allows customers to control and manage the opening and closing of doors through convenient methods such as: fingerprint sensor, password, magnetic card and mechanical key. This brings convenience and flexibility to users. In addition, this lock line also integrates doorbells and smart alarms, allowing customers to conveniently and safely use them.

Siemens smart locks have a modern and aesthetic design, suitable for many different types of doors and spaces. It brings sophistication and aesthetics to the client’s home.