PVMACHINO organizes training on rescue, rescue, and fire prevention in 2023

Company information
icon date03/10/2023

On September 29, 2023 at headquarters No. 8 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Petroleum Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company (PVMACHINO) coordinated with the Center for Applied Research and Fire Prevention Training Fire Prevention and Rescue (Fire Prevention and Rescue) – Hoan Kiem District Fire Prevention and Fighting Police organizes a periodic training course on fire prevention and rescue operations in 2023.

Information training session for employees on some professional skills in fire prevention and rescue; rescue knowledge and skills; basic issues of rescue work; Procedures for organizing rescue, rescue, and escape skills.

At the training session, the instructor generalized a number of fire prevention and escape skills in daily activities, fire prevention during home repair and renovation, signs of fire recognition, and techniques for using some Firefighting equipment, identifying escape routes and routes, movement skills during escape, first aid techniques for burn victims, techniques for using some escape vehicles in a fire.

PVMACHINO officers and employees during the theory lesson at the auditorium

General awareness of fires and the dangers of fires to humans, skills, countermeasures and self-rescue when a fire occurs, how to use some initial fire-fighting items and equipment to extinguish fires, how to escape safely when there is a fire, some self-rescue measures when stuck in a fire; Fire safety with electrical systems, precautions, rescue measures when there is a fire or incident; First aid for victims.

After the theoretical lesson in the hall, the practical session was held at the Company’s headquarters yard, practicing instructions on how to use portable fire extinguishers, to raise the sense of responsibility for employees throughout the company. fire prevention unit.

PVMACHINO officers and employees practice instructions on how to use portable fire extinguishers

Through the training session, employees and workers of PetroVietnam Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company have grasped basic knowledge and skills in fire prevention and fighting, ensuring safety for agencies, units and themselves.

Some pictures at the training session: