Dinh Lap Industrial Cluster Project, Dinh Lap District, Lang Son Province

Company information
icon date25/07/2023
  • Location: Dinh Lap Commune, Dinh Lap District, Lang Son Province
  • Project scale: 71.39 ha
  • Products of the project: Typical industries in the industrial cluster include processing wood, turpentine; Processing agricultural and forestry products; Production of building materials; Industry of electricity, electronics and telecommunications; Medical equipment; Garment; Refrigeration; Food and beverage processing; Logistics.


Survey the market:

The real estate market report in the second quarter of 2022, conducted and published by CBRE Vietnam Co., Ltd., recorded a sharp increase in the occupancy rate of industrial parks across the country in the first 6 months of the year. In which, the occupancy rate of industrial parks in the North reaches over 80%, industrial parks in the South reach over 90%.

Survey the location of the industrial cluster:

  • The Dinh Lap Industrial Park research and planning area has many advantages in terms of industrial development, in line with the socio-economic development orientation and the general planning orientation.
  • The land area is eligible for the formation and development of an industrial cluster complex.
  • Traffic is convenient because there are National Highway 4B Lang Son – Quang Ninh and National Highway 31 Bac Giang – Dinh Lap – Ban Chot passing; National Highway 4B is adjacent to the fence of the industrial cluster, which is currently undergoing road renovation, the area passing through Dinh Lap district is expected to be completed in October 2023 and the whole National Highway 4B will be completed in 2024. .
  • There is a lot of potential in terms of local labor resources and neighboring localities, which is convenient for investors to recruit workers.

Project feasibility:

  • Favorable site clearance: Mainly, land is acquired as production forest land (48.4ha) under the management of Dinh Lap One Member Company Limited – Vietnam Forestry Corporation to hand over land for construction. industrial cluster project. For residential land and people’s land, the affected households have basically reached a high consensus on the policy of investment in infrastructure of the industrial cluster and the mechanism and policy of compensation and site clearance for the project. rate 91.4% of households (85/93 households) agreed. Dinh Lap District People’s Committee commits that after the project is decided to establish a CCN and approve the investment project, it will closely coordinate with investors, the Fatherland Front and prestigious organizations, people, and local authorities to declare communicating, mobilizing and persuading households that have not yet agreed with the unit price of compensation for ground clearance, preventing complicated lawsuits from occurring in the district.
  • Regarding the infrastructure of power lines and water to serve the following industrial clusters, come into operation: Power from medium and low voltage power networks when there is a 110Kv high voltage line and a 35Kv medium voltage line running near the planned location of the CCN. Water source from Quang Hoa and Khuoi Ta streams, within a radius of 2÷3 km, is enough to supply CCN production activities.
  • The project receives investment incentives for industrial clusters in accordance with current law.