Meeting with gratitude for retired cadres on the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Rabbit 2023

Company information
icon date22/07/2023

In a warm and joyful atmosphere to welcome a new spring, on 07/01/2023 Petroleum Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company (PVMACHINO) held an intimate meeting, happy new year and knowledge. Thank you comrades who are retired officers and employees of the Company.

“Drinking water, remembering the source”, respecting the past and previous generations is a good moral of our Vietnamese people; is an important factor to create sustainable values for the future. Retirement gratitude meeting is an annual activity that shows the company’s affection and concern for the previous generations, who have devoted their whole lives and careers to the growth. and development of the Company; At the same time, it is also an opportunity for officials and employees to review the good traditions, congratulate the achievements and new development steps of the Company.

Attending the meeting were leaders in the Board of Directors, Board of General Directors, President of the Trade Union and representatives of Departments/Departments of the Company and especially the presence of former comrades. Retired key employees of the Company.

In a joyful and excited atmosphere, Mr. Phan Trung Nghia – Deputy General Director on behalf of the Board of Directors expressed his respect and gratitude for the contributions of the previous generations. At the same time affirming that every step, every success along the way of formation and development of the Company has been contributed by the efforts and enthusiasm of the entire staff and employees of the company. On the occasion of the coming Tet and spring, Mr. Phan Trung Nghia also on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company sent his best wishes to the retired staff and their families for the new year of good health, peace and happiness. At the same time, he expressed his hope that comrades would continue to monitor and share their valuable experiences to help the Company complete its tasks well, develop more and more stably and sustainably.

At the meeting, Mr. Tran Tri Kinh – Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation and Mr. Ho Quang Hieu – Former General Director of Machinoimport Corporation, on behalf of the retired officials, expressed their gratitude for the support. concern of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of the Company, recognizing the achievements that the Company has achieved in the past time, and sending wishes of health and happiness to all officers and employees currently working at the Company. Company, wish the Company to complete the assigned tasks in 2023 and develop more and more.

At the end of the meeting, Comrade Chu Thi Thanh Chung – Chairman of the Company’s Trade Union, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, sent health wishes to all generations of retired officials, and hoped that you would remember them forever. the common roof of the Company with the best memories.

The meeting took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This is not only a good tradition to show the gratitude of all employees of the Company, but also an opportunity for retired officials to meet, visit their colleagues’ health and families, and review their memories. memories of the past, as well as sharing with each other stories of the present. At the same time, education for today’s young generation constantly strives to rise up, worthy of inheriting his predecessors.