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icon date22/07/2023

Thanks to the success in the projects that have helped PVMachino – Petroleum Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company to constantly develop, reach out further in the international market, let’s find out!

Construction of refueling system for Tan Son Nhat airport

Tan Son Nhat Airport is one of the largest airports in Vietnam located in the north of Tan Binh District, 8 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. This is an international airport and an important traffic hub of the whole South.

The need to build a refueling system

PVMachino is proud to be the leading unit in the production of petroleum machinery and equipment and has become a supplier and built a fueling system for Tan Son Nhat airport.

It is also because of the inconvenience that so far, the refueling of aircraft has to be done manually by a tank truck. Therefore, if to fully recharge, it takes a lot of tanks to alternately carry fuel to be enough for an aircraft to operate.

In many cases, Tan Son Nhat airport is overloaded because it has to carry hundreds of liters of oil between the area, which is very dangerous and unsafe for other airlines. Therefore, PVMachino has built a refueling system with the desire to limit inconvenience, bring safety and convenience to passengers when participating in the flight.

Construction method

PVMachino took a shortcut and built a storage system so that the tank can hold more than 9,000 blocks of oil. On the other hand, build more underground oil pipeline systems and parking areas.

At the location of the international terminal area, there are also 20 additional valve holes connected to the existing fuel pipeline system. This work has also partly demonstrated the intelligence of PVMachino’s construction method.

Therefore, when it is necessary to use the technician, he will install the pipe connecting the valve crater and the fuel tank to be able to easily run the train. All have been pre-programmed thanks to a team of professional experts, only about 10 minutes to complete the above stage. The system will pump fuel onto the aircraft easily with just one button, extremely safe and fast.

Mr. Pham Van Hiep – Chairman of Petroleum Machinery – Equipment Joint Stock Company said that with this underground fuel refueling system, the number of vehicles traveling in the aircraft parking area will be significantly reduced, contributing to reducing the traffic congestion. overload in the parking area.

Thai Binh low pressure gas project

The low-pressure gas project in Tien Hai industrial park is one of four major projects implemented by PVMachino.

The chain of projects is also being built and initially completed in practice. All operating systems are also ready to supply gas to consumers, and at the same time prepare CNG compressor

complexes for customers’ convenience when using it remotely.

At the same time, in Thai Binh province, PVMachino has also taken over the management and operation of the Ham Rong gas project

This is an area that is identified as a difficult place to work, so from the very beginning, PVMachino had to implement safety management measures such as: complying with the law and meeting relevant requirements of the industry. gas, applying the Safety, Quality, and Environment management system according to OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards…

Currently, the low pressure project in Thai Binh is being started by PVMachino and is expected to be completed in May next year.

Through the construction process, the company has coordinated with local authorities and security units to handle acts that cause insecurity – safety on the gas pipeline corridor. At the same time, complete and implement the program to ensure the safety of shore and marine pipelines, such as organizing propaganda on pipeline safety to people and businesses.

Traffic sign at toll station Hai Phong – Hanoi

In order to serve the needs of people’s lives conveniently, PVMachino company has coordinated with the construction of bridges and roads in Hanoi City to construct traffic signs at toll stations on the Hai Phong – Hanoi route.

We know that Hanoi is a densely populated area, the construction of a system of signs and toll booths will make the process of circulation between areas easy. At the same time, this is a solution to limit traffic jams on the traffic route.

At present, the construction of toll station traffic signs has been started and completed quickly. Recently at the inauguration ceremony of Hai Phong – Hanoi highway, a new road was appeared with many changes in appearance, bringing many experiences for residents.

In order to meet the increasing demand for installation of traffic signs of today’s customers, our company PVMachino receives: Installing traffic signs for residential areas, commercial centers, installing signs for all routes roads, install traffic signs for other projects and items according to customer requirements.

In addition, we also operate in the field of pavement construction, road construction, road marking paint, civil construction. All of these are key areas of PVMachino’s construction with guaranteed quality and optimal cost.


Preclinical Practice Center of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy

With the purpose of helping students to fully study, practice skills before going to practice. The school and the construction unit PVMachino collaborated to build a pre-clinical practice center of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy. At the same time, it also comes from the increasing demand for training medical human resources in both quantity and quality in line with the requirements in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country. Therefore, building a pre-clinical practice center is very necessary.

The project was built by investor PVMachino on campus with a construction area of 1,410 m2, including 7 modern design floors.

During the opening ceremony of the construction contractor representative center, Mr. Pham Van Hiep – Chairman of Petroleum Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company, made a speech, committed to ensuring safety, construction progress and quality works, promises to bring the school a new change in the near future.

PVMachino is one of the pioneers in the field of machinery manufacturing and construction. Through the above outstanding projects, it has partly confirmed that this is an influential company in the international market.