Petroleum Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company organizes the 2023 summer vacation tour program in Da Nang

Company information
icon date22/07/2023

In order to encourage, encourage and regenerate the labor force for employees, strengthen the spirit of solidarity and attachment in the unit, the Board of Directors and Trade Union of Petroleum Machinery – Equipment Joint Stock Company organized a participation program. Summer tour in 2023 for all employees in the company in Da Nang City.

Tourism – Sightseeing – Vacation is one of the annual activities interested by the Board of Directors. In order to regenerate the labor force, improve material and spiritual life, and connect colleagues and families with employees, especially after two years of being unable to do so due to the stress of the Covid Pandemic. In addition to the purpose of bonding and encouraging morale, these activities are also a thank you from the Board of Directors for the tireless work and dedication of employees during the past year.

The program was held from July 6, 2023 to July 9, 2023 with the participation of all Company employees and relatives.

Each member has a different personality color, but all of them bonded together and played hard in Team Building games to bring laughter, a joyful atmosphere, and create many memorable moments.

Besides, an indispensable highlight of this trip is the sports exchange activities organized by the Youth Union of the Company, including: Golf tournament, Running tournament “PVMACHINO: Running for success”, Tennis Tournament “PVMACHINO Open”, Badminton Tournament “PVMACHINO: Flying high”.

At the Gala night “Brilliant Summer”, Mr. Pham Van Hiep – General Director of Petroleum Machinery – Equipment Joint Stock Company gave sincere speeches, thanking all employees who were present at the Gala ceremony, The members are extremely lovable, always accompanying each other on every step, creating a strong, enduring and developing PVMACHINO collective like today.

After the program, it is certain that the members of PVMACHINO will become more and more attached, understand each other, more energetic and enthusiastic, ready for effective working days, for the common development of the company. The trip has kept each member’s memory happy and meaningful. Hopefully, after the trip, each member of the company will always strive to fulfill the assigned tasks, unite and help each other so that the company grows more and more in the coming years.