PV Machino: conference to review work in 2022, implement plan in 2023, employee conference in 2023.

Company information
icon date22/07/2023

On the afternoon of January 13, 2023, at the head office at No. 8 Trang Thi, Hanoi, PetroVietnam Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company (PVMACHINO) solemnly held a meeting to summarize the work in 2022; Deploy the plan in 2023 and the Employee Conference in 2023.

The conference chaired by: Mr. Vu Duc Tien – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Pham Van Hiep – Member of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the Company. Attending the meeting were members of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, Board of General Directors, representatives of member units and all employees of the Company.

At the Conference, Mr. Phan Trung Nghia – Deputy General Director of the Company, on behalf of the Board of Management, presented a summary report on business activities in 2022 and operation plan in 2023. In 2022, the context of the world economic situation fast, complicated and unpredictable world; the trend of trade protectionism, conflicts of interest and strategic competition among major countries is increasingly fierce; the price of crude oil and production input materials fluctuates abnormally; high inflation and tight monetary policy… But under the leadership, flexible, timely and drastic direction of the Board of Directors of the Company, the specialized departments have actively and actively coordinated to deploy the implementation. synchronously and effectively implement solutions to remove difficulties; effectively exploiting commercial forms, types of markets, diversifying products, the main fields have achieved certain achievements, production and business activities have focused on the fields of import and export trade. , supplying materials and equipment for power plants and facilities of many ministries and branches; expanding the field of real estate business, investment projects (industrial clusters/zones, renewable energy, environmental technology – waste treatment, clean water treatment and supply…).

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Vu Duc Tien – Chairman of the Board of Directors emphasized that the Company’s operation orientation in 2023 is to continue promoting the implementation of the field of trade, services and distribution; focus on real estate business, project investment. In the financial sector, it will arrange and balance sufficient capital for investment and business activities; using the capital obtained from the transfer of investment capital in a number of units with contributed capital and other financial investments, ensuring the highest efficiency for the Company… Some key targets in the plan in 2023, including: consolidated revenue of 1,500 billion dong, profit before tax of 65 billion dong… determined to be implemented by the Board of Management.

Faced with new difficulties and challenges, the Company needs to continue to implement synchronous solutions in business, finance and debt collection, human resource training, investment and exploitation. efficiency of existing facilities… unifying the key solutions in 2023 to focus on completing and exceeding the goals and tasks, contributing to the successful and comprehensive implementation of the 2023 plan being mentioned.

At the Summary Conference, the Standing Committee of the Company’s Emulation and Reward Council also announced the emulation and commendation decisions, awarding titles to collectives and individuals with many achievements in 2022.

Approving the conference to summarize the work in 2022, implement the plan in 2023 and the conference of employees in 2023; PetroVietnam Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company gradually completes its goals and tasks, contributes to solving difficulties and challenges, and focuses on implementing the comprehensive plan in 2023.