PVMachino – Africa will be a potential rice export market

Market Information
icon date22/07/2023

Africa is a potential rice export market, a long – term partner of Vietnamese rice manufacturers.

Rice exports rate to Africa 2022

According to the survey results of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in early January 2022, Vietnam’s export turnover to Africa reached 1.15 billion USD, a slight decrease of 2.6% compared to the same period in 2021. The issue of food security in Africa is the top concern because this is an area with a large population, where the Covid-19 epidemic is raging. Besides rice, Africa also has a great demand for other commodities such as: coffee, pepper,…. 

Volume of rice consumed in Africa 2022

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Africa’s rice consumption ranges from 24 to 24.5 million tons/year and the average consumption per capita is 22.1 kg/year. With a population of more than 1 billion people, the demand for rice in Africa is increasing because of the convenience of rice processing compared to millet and other traditional grains as well as the increasing of urbanization rate in this region.

Moreover, because the price of rice is not too high compared to the income and conditions of the people, rice gradually becomes the main food source in the daily meals in Africa. However, because production could not meet the needs of consumers, from 2018, African region had to continuously import large amounts of rice from many different countries.

Some of the largest rice importing countries are: Nigeria, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Algeria, Cameroon, Guinea… Except for the two countries that import a lot of high-quality parboiled rice: South Africa and Nigeria, other countries in this region mainly import broken rice with reasonable prices. The Nigerian market accounted for 30% of the total rice imports into Africa, followed by South Africa (5%), Ivory Coast, Senegal (5%), Ghana (4%)… The main rice suppliers for Africa are: Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and the US, while Thailand is still the supplier with the largest volume and varieties.

Why should you choose PVMachino to export rice?

PVMachino is the leading reputable rice exporter in Vietnam with many years of operation in the field of food. The company owns many wholesale and retail systems with modern machinery and a large manufactured capacity, about 350,000 tons/year. Moreover, the company also has large processing factories which are near key consumption sources. These warehouses can store up to 70,000 tons of rice at a time.

With an extensive sales network in many countries and strong cooperation with distributors, PVMachino is capable of serving many demanding markets such as: USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong…PVMachino is a large rice exporter, which is assessed as potential in the international market. All rice grains are carefully selected from the taste, characteristics, size and shape of rice grains according to international standards. PVMachino exports products with the core motto “Human health is the most precious”. That is why each exported product must go through a strict quality test process to ensure no mistakes made at any stage.

With continuous efforts and achieved results, in the future PVMachino’s rice export activities to Africa will be increasingly expanded, helping the company always be in the top 10 largest rice exporters in Vietnam.