PVMachino Oil and Gas Machinery – Equipment Joint Stock Company celebrates 65 years of establishment

Company information
icon date22/07/2023

According to the timeline 65 years of formation and development, go through many difficulties to reach success.PVMachines still continue to try non-stop, perfecting and upgrading the company’s services to bring the best experience to customers.

History 65 years of formation

PVMachines is the name merged from two names: the abbreviation Machine and Parts Corporation (Machinoimport) and the Corporation for equipment and spare parts. Based on the decision of the Ministry of Trade and Tourism on March 3, 1956 and the General Department of Materials was established on March 3, 1960. Up to now, the company has 65 years of formation!

PVMachino provides service for wartime

During the long and long resistance war, the period of French colonialism and the period of resistance against the US until the country was completely reunified. Machinoimport Corporation, the original company ofPVMachines has imported many kinds of machinery and equipment and spare parts for vehicles, construction, medical, communication, electrical materials…

These equipment and materials are intended to serve the entire industry of the country and provide for the industrialization and

modernization of the country. Over the years, the corporation has been awarded medals and medals by the Party and State, and certificates of merit from the Government, the Ministry of Education and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

PVMachino through name changes

The company has experienced the following development periods:

In 2003, the corporation changed to: Machine and Parts Company (Machinoimport)

In 2007, was a member of the largest oil and gas power company in Vietnam.

In 2008, the company was a member of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group.

In 2010, the merger was carried out and changed its name to PetroVietnam Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company when international and commercial transactions were PVMachino.

Success of the company

CompanyPVMachines is a member unit of many large corporations in Vietnam such as: PetroVietnam Energy Technology Joint Stock Corporation, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, and PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation. PetroVietnam Power Corporation.

Although the company is a member of any unit, the company also successfully completes the assigned tasks, thus leaving many good impressions on friends, partners and customers.

Experiencing many ups and downs and difficulties in 65 years of formation. At the same time, inheriting the traditional features

with a long history. With the consensus and determination to unite in the leadership team and enthusiastic and core staff, PetroVietnam Machinery – Equipment Joint Stock Company continues to inherit and promote that tradition, overcoming difficulties. and step to success.

Development process

PVMachineswas established in 1956, up to now, more than 65 years of formation. The company is one of the reliable and reputable partners through key business fields such as: technical services, equipment and machinery, trading business, oil and gas…

At present, the company is striving to become a strong and sustainable investor, providing equipment and sales services for the oil and gas industry and the electricity industry in Vietnam today.

During the formation and development of the company PVMachino always improves the weak areas based on the evaluation of customers. At the same time, receiving positive reviews is a great motivation to build a growing and successful company.

Successful projects of PVMachines notable examples are: Project to build fueling system for Tan Son Nhat airport, Thai Binh low pressure gas project, Hai Phong – Hanoi toll station traffic sign project, Practice center project preclinical at Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

All of the above projects have contributed to the initial success of Machines in its field of activity. At the same time, the company also affirms itself as a potential unit worthy of competing with large companies and enterprises in the international market.

Future and direction

PVMachino‘s future and orientation has affirmed:

The orientation is to continue promoting the field of import and export and become the most prestigious import-export partner in Vietnam, especially in the field of agriculture.

The company always strives to serve customers with all its heart, committed to providing high quality products, stable operation, and professional service.

In addition, working effectively, providing transparent information, bringing maximum benefits to shareholders as well as trying to benefit the community both materially and spiritually through social activities to help people improve their income is also PVMachino‘s future goals.

After 65 years of formation, PVMachines is a potential company that has been making efforts every day in all areas of production. It is expected that in the next 5 years, the Company will become a leading brand providing full service for petroleum equipment and machinery for businesses and stores nationwide.