PVMachino – petroleum machinery and equipment joint stock company

Company information
icon date22/07/2023

PetroVietnam Machinery – Technology Joint Stock Company is one of the leading units in the field of petroleum machinery and equipment manufacturing in Vietnam, located at 8 Trang Thi, Hang Trong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City.

Company overview

PVMachino is one of the subsidiaries of PetroVietnam Power Corporation, abbreviated as PV Power, established in 1956 by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung as the owner.

During its operation, the company specializes in outstanding fields such as: operating and supplying equipment and materials for domestic and foreign companies in the oil and gas field. Replacement of spare parts, processing for repair work. Supply of raw materials for agricultural, forestry and service production, labor export.

In addition, PVMachino is also a large supplier specializing in wholesale and retail distribution of construction materials for projects and projects. At the same time, the company also provides equipment and spare parts for hydro and thermal power plants.

Thanks to its outstanding strength and success in the international market, the oil and gas machinery and equipment import-export company has had favorable conditions to participate in the supply chain of the big company Petrovietnam.

History formation

Originating from Machine and Parts Corporation called Machinoimport and equipment and spare parts corporation merged to form PVMachino company. Based on the decision of the Ministry of Trade and Tourism on March 3, 1956 and the General Department of Materials was established on March 3, 1960.

During the resistance war in the period of the French colonial period and the period of resistance against the US until the country was completely reunified. Machinoimport Corporation has imported many types of machinery and equipment and spare parts for vehicles, construction, medical, communication, electrical materials…

These equipment and materials are intended to serve the entire industry of the country and provide for the industrialization and modernization of the country.

Over the years, the corporation has been awarded medals by the State, and certificates of merit from the Government, the Ministry of Education and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

Company name in different generations

The company has experienced the following development periods:

In 2003, the corporation changed to: Machine and Parts Company (Machinoimport)

In 2007, was a member of the largest oil and gas power company in Vietnam.

In 2008, the company was a member of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group.

In 2010, the merger was carried out and changed its name to PetroVietnam Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company when international and commercial transactions were PVMachino.

Efforts and success of the company

PVMachino Company is a member unit of many large corporations in Vietnam such as: PetroVietnam Energy Technology Joint Stock Corporation, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, Petroleum Construction Joint Stock Corporation Vietnam Gas, PetroVietnam Power Corporation.

Despite being a member of any unit, the Company also successfully completed the assigned tasks, thus leaving many good impressions on friends, partners and customers.

Experiencing many ups and downs and difficulties in 65 years of formation. At the same time, inheriting the traditional features with a long history. With the consensus and determination to unite in the leadership team and enthusiastic and core staff, PetroVietnam Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company continues to inherit and promote that tradition, overcoming difficulties as a step to success.


PVMachino aspires to become a key supplier in the fields of: construction machinery, equipment, works and services in the oil and gas, electricity and other industries.

At the same time, we also strive to become the most reliable import-export partner in Vietnam.


Serving customers with all our heart, commitment to providing high-quality products, stable operation, professional services and keeping long-term relationships are all the big goals that PVMachino sets out.

In addition, working effectively, providing transparent information, bringing maximum benefits to shareholders as well as developing and strengthening long-term relationships on the principle of mutual benefits, respecting the rights and interests of shareholders. The interests of the parties are also highly valued issues at PVMachino.

PVMachino hopes that our efforts to always take care of the community’s interests both physically and mentally through social activities will partly improve income and create equal opportunities for everyone.

PVMachino is a potential big company in the international market and is considered as one of the five enterprises under Petrovietnam to achieve the National Brand in 2020.