Reasons to use exporting rice service to Africa at PVMachino

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icon date22/07/2023

PVMachino’s rice export service to Africa is currently being trusted by many customers because of its efficiency, safety, high – quality,, let’s figure it out.

PVMachino has many years of experience in exporting rice to Africa

PVMachino has been established for more than 65 years and has more than 25 years of experience in exporting rice, including Africa market. Rice testing service is carefully and strictly inspected to meet the standards of State agencies. When choosing the service at PVMachino, customers will be assured of the prestige and quality in each stage of inspection. Moreover, here also has a team of enthusiastic leaders and employees who are always dedicated to bring the customers the satisfaction.

Rice exports to Africa are carefully inspected by PVMachino through many steps because of long geographical distance, difficult transportation, and high demand of this region. The motto “Taking customer reviews as the driving force in production” has helped PVMachino succeed up to now. Listening, changing opinions from the contributions of consumers is the key to the company’s success in recent times.

PVMachino provides full moderation and export steps

PVMachino’s rice censorship process in all stages of production is always complied with the instructions of State agencies and laws:

Step 1: Testing products

Enterprises and manufacturers prepare rice samples, then set targets to test  rice quality according to national standards. Rice testing at a center recognized/designated by the Ministry of Health; The testing time will take place from 05 to 07 working days; After performing the testing, enterprises and manufacturers go to the center to get results and then announce the product quality.

Step 2: Prepare documents to announce the quality of products

Business license, product base;

Test results sheet within 12 months; Certificate of recognition that products meet food hygiene and safety conditions (02 notarized copies); Sample products (03 samples);

Step 3: Order of rice quality announcement

Enterprises and manufacturers are entitled to announce rice quality themselves on mass media and their website. Then, one copy will be submitted by post to the State management agency (provincial People’s Committee), one copy will be kept by the company.

After self-declaring product quality, enterprises and manufacturers are entitled to manufacture and trade products and take full responsibility for the safety of them.

Through the procedure, the process of testing rice quality above, we can see the thoroughness in exporting Vietnamese rice before going to the market.

The situation of rice exports to Africa 2022

Vietnam Trade Counselor Hoang Duc Nhuan cum market Niger, Senegal and Gambia, Mali, said that the situation of Vietnam’s rice exports to Africa increased in the first 6 months of 2022, expected to continue to increase in the coming months and even 2023.

According to the survey results of a resident reporter in Algiers, Africa is currently a region with a high demand for rice, especially in the West because rice production is not enough at times of natural disasters, epidemics or political instability.

On average, each year, Africa has to import rice from many countries, including Vietnam, from 12-13 million tons of rice of all kinds.

In terms of the rice market in Africa in the 10 months of 2022, Vietnamese rice exporting reached 2.739 million tons, accounting for 45.02%, worth $1.266 billion, increase 30.84% in volume and increase 18.39% in turnover compared the same period in 2021.

As of the end of November 2022, according to the latest data of the Plant Industry Department, total rice exports in Africa reached 3.234 million tons, nearly one million tons higher than in the same period last 11 months.Currently, the rice turnover accounts for 20% of Vietnam’s total exports to Africa. The big issue in food security that African countries are concerned about is the quality and cost of products

PVMachino as a service provider for exporting rice to Africa of Vietnam is highly appreciated for its quality and efficiency by partners and customers. If you have a need to export rice to this market, try PVMachino’s service to get the most objective view.