Residential Commercial Residential Development Project in Thai Village, Nguyen Xa Commune, Vu Thu District, Thai Binh Province

Company information
icon date25/07/2023
  • Location: Doan Dao Commune, Phu Cu District, Hung Yen Province
  • Project scale: 66.5 ha
  • Products of the project: Typical industries in the industrial cluster include processing wood, turpentine; Processing agricultural and forestry products; Production of building materials; Industry of electricity, electronics and telecommunications; Medical equipment; Garment; Refrigeration; Food and beverage processing; Logistics.”

Location favorable for development:

+ Quan Do industrial cluster, Phu Cu district is located in the potential industrial development area of Hung Yen province and Phu Cu district with a chain of industrial clusters along the developing National Highway 38B; has a close relationship with Hung Yen city, Hai Duong city, Hanoi city, Hai Phong, Thai Binh, Ha Nam and neighboring provinces, especially in terms of labor and service supply.

+ Advantages of external traffic with National Highway 38B connecting with highways such as Hanoi – Hai Phong and Cau Gie – Ninh Binh; connecting with the system of major airports and seaports of the region;

+ Quan Do industrial cluster, Phu Cu district located in the northern key economic region will have special advantages for rapid development. This is a dynamic economic center and an important economic locomotive of the North and of Vietnam. The biggest advantage of this economic region is well-trained and highly qualified human resources.


Planning and development orientation:

+ Implement the State’s industrial development guidelines, the economic development policy of Hung Yen province, build modern and efficient industrial zones and clusters, as a premise for the development of the regional economy. .

+ Forming a small-scale concentrated industrial cluster with a synchronous and modern technical infrastructure system, environmentally friendly, optimizing utilities; maximize the advantages of geographical location and natural resources to build and develop into a model industrial cluster of Phu Cu district with the function of a multi-industry cluster including light and industrial industries. high technology using energy saving, supporting technology for precision mechanics, electrical and electronic industries, production, business, and trade services in line with Hung’s socio-economic development orientation. Yen, creating high quality industrial products and good competitiveness in the market.

+ Create an environment that attracts companies and manufacturing groups from developed countries to hold key technologies and create favorable conditions for the process of technology development and transfer to domestic companies. Creating conditions for enterprises that are preparing to invest in the CCN enjoy the preferential conditions of the State for enterprises in the CCN.

+ Investment in the development of infrastructure of an industrial cluster, including investment in construction of the following items: leveling, road system, water supply and drainage system, power supply system, communication system, trees and ancillary works to serve the activities of the CCN synchronously; providing secondary projects is the driving force for these projects to quickly become reality, taking advantage of the available potentials in the region, increasing GDP income, creating jobs for workers, contributing to social stability, diversifying industries in the region, accelerating the process of industrialization and urbanization.

+ Improve the skills of the workforce, improve the management skills of domestic enterprise managers. Create jobs for existing laborers in the locality and neighboring provinces.

+ Increase revenue from district and provincial budgets through tax collection of enterprises investing in industrial parks.

Project feasibility:

+ The terrain is favorable for the construction of the industrial cluster; Convenient power source, 110V transformer station about 2km from the industrial cluster; Water source: D160mm diameter HDPE water supply pipe supplied to CCN fence;

+ Having a favorable land fund for construction and the possibility of easy ground clearance.

+ Convenience in production protection, environmental protection.