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icon date22/07/2023

PVMachino is one of the major suppliers with 65 years of experience in oil and gas equipment and machinery in Vietnam market. Let’s find out the outstanding services below the article below.

Anti-corrosion service

Passive fire protection:

This service PVMachino uses fireproof materials by spraying fireproof thin films on plaster and cement to keep them stable.

Fire retardants are usually poured with concrete, a combination of wood and plaster

When fire protection is properly designed and properly constructed, the building structure will be fully protected when a fire occurs.

Heat spray coating

Enviropeel thermoplastic spray coating technology is researched and developed by the advanced A&E Group system. This is one of the first of its kind in the world.

The thermal spray coating system allows thermoplastic coatings to be sprayed onto surfaces for protection and anti-corrosion during use.

Protective coating and marine paint

This is a special paint with high adhesion and good protection even when used in water or underwater areas.

Protective coatings are available with corrosion inhibitors, are durable, and are impervious to water during use. Therefore, the product line is used for corrosion protection in many industries

Sandblasting & water jetting

Abrasive and water blasting can be applied on a wide variety of materials such as concrete, steel and many other types of surfaces.

This method is used in all conditions: dry, wet or on oily concrete.

Therefore, now there are many customers who trust and support the product, and experience the method of grinding abrasive particles and spraying water during construction.

Scaffolding rental service

Are you wondering about buying scaffolding to use for your family’s construction? Do not worry that the cost is too high, feel free to use it because there is a construction scaffolding rental service of PVMachino.

Benefits of scaffolding rental service

This is one of the smart solutions, while saving great costs for users. Therefore, scaffolding rental service is currently being evaluated as a wise solution for many users.

When using scaffolding rental service, you will not have to worry about:

  • Warehouse and space rental costs
  • Maintenance and repair costs if any damage occurs
  • Feel free to choose the type of scaffolding suitable for each project to use.
  • Scaffolding installation service with installation instructions, easy to understand

PVmachino – construction and installation unit of scaffolding for all projects. At the same time, there is transportation support to install the truss frame suitable for all types of works. Ensure quality standards, requirements, ruggedness and safety.

Standards when installing scaffolding

  • Check the quality of scaffolding, this is very important because it has a direct influence on the later operation of the project.
  • Check the dossier of installation measures in accordance with the approved construction method
  • It is necessary to have the supervision and advice of a professional team to ensure that the scaffolding is installed correctly, safely and economically.
  • Scaffolding installers need to have a lot of practice experience, not afraid of heights and solid professional knowledge
  • The construction ground should be stable, avoiding the situation of encroachment during construction
  • Check the ground before installation
  • Carefully inspect tools and work safety tools.

Scaffolding rental accessories
Accessories when renting scaffolding at PVMachino include:
– Components of anti-Ring Lock trees have many sizes suitable for different projects: 2.5m, 2.0m, 1.5m and 1m. The asterisk has a thickness of 8mm, and the thickness of the pole is 2mm or 2.3mm. On the pole there are wheels to create a connection between the two parts.
– Ringlock brace components are designed in a variety of ways and are available in lengths: 1.45m, 1.15m, 0.95m, 0.45m, with a thickness of 2mm and on the tie rod there is a wedge bowl to connect to the wheel. 10mm thick.
– Ringlock scaffolding also has anti-mobility between 1.2m and anti-consol 1.2m.

Factory premises
Currently, PVMachino company has been executing construction works in many areas in many locations, specifically at Bai Tram, Viet Hung, Dong Anh warehouses with a total area of 23,600 m2 and area. construction is 10,000 m2.
Construction design and sketch of the house and land in the area of ​​Vu Tong Phan Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi; and land area: Group 27, Vinh Niem ward, Le Chan, Hai Phong.

Import and Export
PVMachino carries out import and export activities such as:

  • Customs clearance, transportation of goods according to the requirements and instructions of customers
  • Representing and acting on behalf of customers to source goods and sign contracts with favorable agreements and conditions for customers
  • Advising customers on the best services and prices suitable for each partner’s needs
  • Apply for import and export permits according to customer requirements for goods imported and exported
  • Make international payments (open L/C, TTR …)
  • Open and track shipments for customers
  • Make for export or import goods
  • Accurately declare tax to be paid to customers
  • Prepare all kinds of registration procedures, documents and carry out customs procedures in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Perform product quality control, inspection, etc.

PVMachino’s services are now gradually being improved in terms of technology, improving equipment and machinery to make the construction and installation process easier. To provide the best user experience.