Supplying Siemens switchgear for Tay Ho Tay Primary and Secondary School project

Company information
icon date25/07/2023
  • Location: 12 Kieu Mai Street, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi
  • Project type: School
  • Products provided: Supply switches, power sockets

The project aims to build for future generations a green lifestyle, in harmony with nature and development based on the foundation of exploring and experiencing nature.

The Tay Ho Tay school is located in the complex of Tay Ho Tay New Urban Area, the work is designed with a harmonious pedagogical landscape between the main school district and the perfect, self-contained ancillary works.

To ensure the safety of the project’s electrical system, the Investor chose to use switchgear of Siemens brand – one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical switchgear and made by PVMachino. distribution.

Siemens switchgears are designed with good quality and high performance, ensuring the safety and protection of the electrical system. With a combination of advanced engineering and uniformity, Siemens switches meet high quality standards and comply with international safety regulations.

These products are capable of withstanding large voltages and currents, and are designed to operate efficiently and reliably under all operating conditions.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Siemens switches are the first choice for electrical systems requiring safety and high performance.