Technology TTD-01: Non-burying waste treatment

Company information
icon date22/07/2023

In the context of world economic integration, implementing social responsibility is an indispensable factor for businesses that want to expand their markets, especially international markets. Recognizing the importance of environmental issues in the country’s sustainable development, Machino Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company (a subsidiary of PVMACHINO) was formed to develop and deploy TTD-01 technology, treat thoroughly manage domestic waste, industrial waste (not bury), completely self-contained, 100% Vietnam.

About technology TTD – 01:

The company uses TTD-01 Technology, thoroughly treats waste (no landfill) 100% of Vietnam. TTD-01 technology operates in a closed process, sorting garbage – washing garbage – recycling to create products – wastewater is recycled to serve production. This operation is a closed cycle, not releasing wastewater into the environment.

Exclusive technology TTD-01 has been patented by the National Office of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Science and Technology.

TTD – 01 technological features

  • TTD – 01 treatment technology is suitable for small and medium-sized waste (50-500 tons/day), with low investment costs, thoroughly treating waste, saving waste treatment costs for localities. method in the most optimal way;
  • Simple operation, easy in training workers;
  • Completely domestic technology, cost-effective, simple and convenient replacement of materials;
  • Do not pollute the environment, classify and treat up to 90% of domestic waste into useful products for society.

Waste treatment technology process
The advantage of the technology is automatic separation and filtration, minimizing the introduction of humus and plastic into the incinerator. Because if burning humus will emit CO2, CO; If plastic is burned, it will emit furan and dioxin. Therefore, when not burning or burning only a small part of the above types, it will save the need to treat exhaust gases to minimize the toxicity when burning, but have to recycle. Of course, the furnace system is still capable of handling solid wastes and emissions.
The good classification by machine at the treatment plant will help solve the problem of unsorted at the source, the waste will be recovered and recycled, limiting burning, limiting the need to treat and emit toxic gases when burning. Optimizing the waste treatment industry according to the State’s policy on recycling and treating garbage as a resource.

To maintain resources in the future, PVMACHINO moves towards sustainable resource use by using electricity, fuel, raw materials, processed, and using land and water more responsibly. The implementation and application of TTD – 01 technology is a great step forward for the Company, both expanding the field of activity and implementing social responsibility for the environment, contributing to the sustainable development of the Company. particular and the country in general.