What is rice quality testing?

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icon date22/07/2023

Rice quality testing is checking the cleanliness, purity, and characteristic flavor of rice before exporting to foreign markets.

General introduction to rice purity testing

Currently, on the market, there are many types of dirty rice, poor quality, impregnated with chemicals or with residues of pesticides. This is extremely harmful to the human body and confuses consumers about the cleanliness of rice. Testing rice purity is a survey to find out about the appearance of rice grains, plasticity, sweetness, sponginess, aroma. Usually people will feel rice purity through washing the rice, picking up a handful of rice to see clearly.

Standards of rice purity

To distinguish which is pure rice and which is unsafe rice, we can base on the following factors to serve as standard indicators for measuring the cleanliness of rice. If you buy rice that meets these following conditions, you can be assured of its cleanliness.

  • Clean rice varieties
  • Clean farming area
  • Clean production
  • Clean processing
  • Clean packaging
  • No Preservatives
  • No anti-mold drugs
  • Not bleacing
  • Not mixing junk rice
  • No artificial flavoring

Producing pure clean rice must comply with these following criteria:

  • Using clean water, standard rice varieties with clear origins and high nutrient content
  • Land for rice cultivation must be qualified and suitable soil
  • Care procedure must be qualified
  • After harvesting, the milling and preservation process must be carried out according to advanced and modern processes to get the cleanest rice grains and keep the most nutrients.
  • Vacuum packaging to ensure the rice is naturally preserved, no preservatives, fresh like brand – new.

Status of rice exports in Vietnam 2022
Vietnam’s rice exports always ensures international standards and is complied with the laws:
Step 1: Testing products
Enterprises and manufacturers prepare rice samples, then set targets to test rice quality according to national standards. Rice testing at a center recognized/designated by the Ministry of Health; The testing time will take place from 05 to 07 working days;
After performing the testing, enterprises and manufacturers go to the center to get results and then announce the product quality.
Step 2: Prepare documents to announce the quality of products
Business license, product base;
Test results sheet within 12 months; Certificate of recognition that products meet food hygiene and safety conditions (02 notarized copies); Sample products (03 samples);

Step 3: Order of rice quality announcement

Enterprises and manufacturers are entitled to announce rice quality themselves on mass media and their website. Then, one copy will be submitted by post to the State management agency (provincial People’s Committee), one copy will be kept by the company.

After self-declaring product quality, enterprises and manufacturers are entitled to manufacture and trade products and take full responsibility for the safety of them.

Through the procedure, the process of testing rice quality above, we can see the thoroughness in exporting Vietnamese rice before going to the market.

PVMachino – place to test exported rice quality

PVMachino is a leading rice importer and exporter in Vietnam, through the process of quality testing to meet the standards according to State’s process required. Our company always gives priority to ensuring the cleanliness, purity, safety, high – quality and food hygiene for consumers. We always take the motto “Consumer health” as a premise for rice production, and thanks to this core motto, the company has brought many successes up to now.

The implementation of rice quality testing has helped the company improve our position, brand and reputation in the market. Through that, consumers choose our rice to cook for their families and friends, which makes us very proud of.

The process of testing rice quality is strictly carried out in accordance with the standards that have shown the strictness of Vietnamese laws.