Why is it necessary to carry out rice quality testing before exporting ?

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icon date22/07/2023

Rice quality testing is a mandatory condition to prove that businesses, individuals and organizations have enough capacity to export rice to the international market.

General introduction about rice testing service before exporting

Rice quality testing is a mandatory job that the authorities require all businesses to perform before exporting rice. The process of testing products will be the basis for business entities to complete the procedures for announcing product quality. Rice testing is carried out periodically twice a year, if not implemented and completed procedures for announcing rice quality, business will be subject to sanctions as prescribed by law .

The rice inspection process is also a basis through which the authority will check and monitor whether the rice quality is suitable for human health, food safety and hygiene for consumers. At the same time, rice quality testing will contribute to build a reputable and good quality supply and export market, creating a competitive business environment. After testing, the enterprise can announce the quality of the product, helping the rice quickly reach the market. Thereby, it will gain trust, boost sales, and improve production costs.

Reasons to carry out rice testing

Testing the quality of rice before exporting will go through many rigorous and careful processes to prove and confirm that the enterprise has great strength in the international market.

Rice testing in accordance with the law

The rice testing process is complied with the law as follows:

Step 1: Testing products

Enterprises and production facilities prepare rice samples for testing, and then set targets for testing based on product standards. Rice is tested at a center recognized/designated by the Ministry of Health; The time to perform the testing will take place from 05 to 07 working days; After performing, enterprises or manufacturers go to the center to get the results and then announce the product quality.

Step 2: Prepare documents to announce the quality of rice 

Documents include: Business license, product base; Test results sheet within 12 months; Certificate of recognition that enterprise as meeting food hygiene and safety conditions (02 notarized copies), Sample product (03 samples);

Step 3: Order of rice quality announcement

Enterprises and manufacturers are entitled to announce the quality of rice themselves on the mass media and their websites. Then, one copy will be submitted by post to the state management agency (provincial People’s Committee) and one copy will be kept by the company.. After self-declaring product quality, enterprises and manufacturers are entitled to manufacture and trade products and take full responsibility for the safety of those products. Through the above procedure, we see the thoroughness and care in the testing process before exporting any product to the international market.

Ensure food safety

Food safety is always a hot issue that receives a lot of attention from communities today. Because of its urgency,  the State has required rice exporting enterprises to test products before selling to the international market. Through the testing process, products that contain harmful and poor quality will be completely eliminated, giving the manufacturing unit a basis to carry out procedures for announcing product quality standards.

Ensure credibility when providing products

Rice quality testing is the bridge that helps businesses and manufacturers confirm the position and reputation of their own products before being exported or sold at any place. Moreover, ensuring the prestige of the product will also show that the product quality is good, creating favorable conditions for businesses to increase sales in the market.

Rice quality testing is an important process that cannot be ignored when exporting to other countries. At the same time, this is a method to help businesses and manufacturers increase their income and affirm their position compared to competitors.